Details of the Black Dragon Gold Corporate Responsibility policy

The management of BDG is focused on the development of its business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We earn a social license through working closely and forming a part of the community in which we operate and address the issues and concerns of the stakeholders as they arise.

Having owned and operated mines throughout the world, management understands both the benefits and the potential issues presented by mining operations throughout their lifecycle. We work to maximise benefits for all stakeholders and minimise the issues and risks to the environment and the community. Stakeholder benefits are not merely the positive economic impacts of mining but encompass the development of community participation programs.

Black Dragon Gold Corp. respects the safety, health and human rights of all employees and residents.

"As an organization it is our responsibility to be environmentally conscious and continuously strive to achieve sustainable prosperity a result of our operations. We aim to work closely with the people of Salave and the surrounding areas and want to have a positive impact on the communities." ~ Paul Cronin