Marlee Gold

Marlee Gold Pty Ltd was acquired in July 2022 to diversify the Company’s exploration portfolio. Marlee Gold is the holder of three exploration licences in the North Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia, that has been underexplored but has significant regional gold and copper mines. Marlee Gold has two main projects called Padbury Gold and Ivan Well spread out of three exploration licences covering 481km2. The main focus for the Marlee Gold prospects are to conduct modern exploration techniques to determine the likelihood of bedrock sourced mineralisation with a focus on gold.

Marlee Gold Projects Padbury Gold and Ivan Well in Western Australia. Background map is the Geological Survey of Western Australia’s (GSWA) Tectonic Elements map (1:10M).

Figure 2: Location of Padbury Gold Project with surrounding mines and endowment (source of endowment is approximate and compiled from the databases available online at

Padbury Gold Project showing tenements and gold occurrences.