Geology and Resources

Details of the deposit type, mineralisation and metallurgy test work details for the Salave Gold Project.

Deposit Type

  • Combination of a reduced intrusion related, shear zone hosted and orogenic gold deposit
  • Globally there are examples of gold deposits with similar mineralogy to Salave, that have spatial association with felsic intrusions, and have been defined as orogenic gold deposits


  • Hosted in altered granodiorite and metasedimentary rocks along granodiorite/metasediment contact within a broad, NE trending, 350 m wide shear zone
  • Associated with pyrite, arsenopyrite, stibnite and minor base metals
  • Highest gold grades are associated with albite-sericite alteration
  • >70% of the gold is refractory and associated with arsenopyrite and/or pyrite

Positive Metallurgy Testwork

  • >90% recovery from previous test work based on:
    • Crushing
    • Conventional grinding to 80% passing 75 microns
    • Bulk flotation
    • Concentrate marketed and shipped out of country